IsoDoor Basic

IsoDoor Basic

The IsoDoor Basic is our lightweight sound isolation door with full acoustic seals. The most common use for this model is in a communicating assembly with one of our heavier models. The stand alone STC rating of the IsoDoor Basic is STC 29, about twice the performance of a heavy residential door. In a communicating assembly with one of our heavier models, STC ratings in the high 40’s to high 50’s can be achieved.

The IsoDoor Basic is 1-3/4″ thick and weighs 105 pounds pre-hung in the jamb with several options in panel design. The most popular designs are listed below and other designs are available upon request. The jamb depth is customized to match your project specs for wall depth.

The average price of the IsoDoor Basic is $1,550 per stain grade door or $1,400 per paint grade door with shipping typically around $200 to $250 for individual doors. Quantity discounts and shipping discounts are available for orders with multiple doors. Please contact us for a quote for your project.

An installation guide, receiving instructions, and full one year warranty are e-mailed to the customer upon shipment of the order.

Available Double Sided Door Panel Designs For IsoDoor Basic

*Available in square sticking or traditional detail in both stain grade or paint grade finish.

Product Testing and Datasheets

Sound testing information available in downloadable product spec sheet. View full sound test information in the Sound Test Directory.

IsoDoor Basic Product Spec Sheet
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IsoDoor with IsoDoor Basic Communicating Assembly Product Spec Sheet
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