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IsoDoor HD and HD LF

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The IsoDoor HD and HD LF are manufactured with an extremely heavy core using several layers of mass, damping, and decoupling technology for maximum performance.¬†The IsoDoor HD is available in two versions: IsoDoor HD and IsoDoor HD LF. The HD has a 2-1/2″ thick door slab and weighs 330 pounds pre-hung in our jamb. The target for the HD is to achieve consistently high performance in the most common frequencies. The alternate version is the HD LF, which overall appears similar to the HD, but with a different core assembly. The target for the HD LF is to increase performance in the 50 Hz to 125 Hz range. The HD LF performs more than twice as well as the HD in this frequency range.

We build this door entirely in house to your specifications without delaying production for less common requirements.

Important notes about the HD and HD LF:

  • Available standard as a smooth birch slab or in one of seven one-sided panel designs to meet aesthetic requirements.¬†Other finishes available with additional cost and lead time.
  • Full perimeter seals are included with each door. Our seal system is achieves maximum performance with a smart combination of simplicity and redundancy.
  • Includes a heavy duty continuous hinge (piano hinge) rated for less than 1/32″ of sag over 600,000 openings.
  • Incredible mass and advanced damping performance within just a 2-1/2″ thick slab. This slab thickness and standard 2-3/4″ backset fits several standard door handles.
  • Standard width of 36″ with a standard height of 80″. Different widths and heights are available on request. Possible sizes range from 24″ wide to 42″ wide and 48″ tall to 96″ tall.
  • Double door designs available in equal door widths or varying door widths.
  • Pre-installed glass kits are available in 12″ x 12″ squares or 6″ x 28″ vertical.
  • Typical lead times for our custom doors are two to three weeks depending on delivery location.

The average price of the IsoDoor HD and HD LF is $2,550 per door with shipping typically around $200 to $250 for individual doors. Shipping discounts are available for orders with multiple doors. Please contact us for a quote for your project.

An installation guide, receiving instructions, and full one year warranty are e-mailed to the customer upon shipment of the order.

Available One-Sided Door Panel Designs and Glass Kit Options For IsoDoor HD and HD LF

*Available in square sticking only in both stain grade or paint grade finish.

Product Testing and Datasheets

Sound testing information available in downloadable product spec sheet. MSDS available on request. View full sound test information in the Sound Test Directory.

IsoDoor HD Product Spec Sheet
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IsoDoor HD LF Product Spec Sheet
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IsoDoor Sell Sheet
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IsoDoor 3-Part Spec
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